Noxious Weed Control

Mountain River Consulting (MRC), can provide noxious weed control services on properties from 1 acre to over 1,000 acres. MRC can provide consulting services, herbicide application, or biological control releases on your property. MRC is a certified by the Montana Department of Agriculture to apply noxious weed control herbicides on road right of ways, pasture and range acreages, and timbered acreages. MRC has a variety of equipment of available for herbicide applications, including: ATV (25 gallon tank), UTV (50 gallon tank), and backpack sprayer. Noxious weeds commonly treated in western Montana include: Spotted Knapweed, Oxeye Daisy, Canada Thistle, Orange Hawkweed, Common Tansy, Tansy Ragwort, Dalmation Toadflax, and Houndstounge.

Stream Restoration

Mountain River Consulting can design and implement a stream restoration project on your property that will improve fish habitat conditions, and water quality. MRC will implement restoration techniques that mimic natural processes. Commonly implemented stream restoration techniques include; riparian vegetation restoration, streambank stabilization, and large woody debris introduction for fish habitat enhancement.

Pond Design and Construction

Mountain River Consulting can design and construct a pond on your property that can serve a variety of purposes including; fish production, waterfowl habitat, and irrigation.
Ponds can be constructed and filled in a variety of ways including; through flow ponds off of existing streams, spring or groundwater fed ponds in high water table areas, and well fed ponds. MRC can also assist in securing the permits and water rights necessary for pond construction.

Wildlife Habitat Enhancement

Mountain River Consulting can design a management plan for your property that will enhance wildlife habitat conditions on your land. A wide range of land management techniques can be implemented to improve habitat conditions for a variety of wildlife species including; deer, elk, moose, migratory birds, and cavity nesting species.

Erosion Control

Mountain River Consulting can design and implement a strategy to erosion control on your property. A variety of techniques can be implemented depending on the soil conditions and location of your erosion issue. Techniques most commonly implemented include; seeding/planting, slope re-shaping, bank hardening, and stream flow deflection.

Water Rights

Mountain River Consulting can conduct water rights research on your property to provide information regarding the location (point of diversion), and volume of existing water rights. MRC can also assist you in securing water rights for uses such as pond filling, irrigation, and livestock watering.

Stream Permitting

Mountain River Consulting can assist you in securing the State and/or Federal permits necessary for conducting a variety of activities on your property including; stream restoration, bank stabilization, fish habitat enhancement, livestock watering, and pond construction.

Wetland Delineation

Mountain River Consulting can assist you in identifying and delineating wetland areas on your property in order to assure that your project complies with State and Federal regulations regarding wetland areas.

Land Mapping

Mountain River Consulting can assist your in creating a aerial photograph or topographic map of your property that shows all of the features which exist on the property including; buildings, fences/pastures, streams, ponds, points of diversion, noxious weed infestations, and special features. Maps are an essential tool to any long term land management project.