Noxious Weed Control

MountainRiver Consulting has provided noxious weed control services to a large number of clients ranging from private landowners with various acreages to commercial businesses in northwest Montana. 

Stream Restoration

Mountain River Consulting has designed and implemented stream restoration projects on private lands throughout western Montana including;  The Harvey Creek Ranch in Clinton Montana, The Peters Ranch in Trego Montana, The Upper Thompson  River Plum Creek Timber Company Lands, and The Fisher River PCTC lands.

Pond Design and Construction

Mountain River Consulting has assisted in the design and construction of several private ponds in western Montana including;  The Harvey Creek Ranch, and The Grave Creek Ranch in Fortine Montana.

Wildlife Habitat Enhancement

When designing and land management strategy, Mountain River Consulting will always consider the impacts of the strategy on wildlife, and attempt to design and implement aspects of the management strategy that will positively impact existing wildlife species and wildlife habitat conditions.

Streambank Stabilization and Erosion Control

Most stream restoration projects, and many land management strategies that have been designed and implemented by Mountain River Consulting, will have some element of bank stabilization and/or erosion control.

Water Rights

MountainRiver Consulting has conducted water rights research, and helped to secure water rights for several properties including; The Harvey Creek Ranch, and The Porter-Ingram Property in Trego Montana.

Stream Permitting

MountainRiver Consulting has written applications, and secured the necessary permits for several stream restoration projects including;  The Harvey Creek Ranch and The Peters Ranch.

Wetland Delineation

MountainRiver Consulting has conducted the plant identification portion of the wetland delineation process on two separate land development projects in northwest Montana.

Land Mapping

MountainRiver Consulting has assisted several private landowners in obtaining aerial photograph maps of their property showing the various features which exist on that property.