Mountain River Consulting…

Mountain River Consulting, is a small family owned environmental consulting firm that specializes in private land management.  Mountain River Consulting has worked with clients throughout western Montana implementing land management practices which are designed to improve both the appearance and productivity of private forest, range, and pasture lands.

Mountain River Consulting specializes in implementing land management practices designed to enhance native fish and wildlife habitat conditions.  Noxious weed control is a tool commonly utilized to improve pasture and range productivity for both livestock, and native wildlife species.  Stream restoration, pond construction, and wetland restoration, are some other improvements which are commonly made to with improving native fish and wildlife habitat in mind.  Forest restoration and management can also have great benefits to native wildlife species, as well as overall forest health and productivity.


  • Noxious Weed Control
  • Environmental Consultants
  • Stream Restoration
  • Pond Design Construction
  • Wildlife Habitat Enhancement
  • Streambank Stabilization
  • Erosion Control
  • Water Rights & Water Consultants
  • Fisheries Consultants
  • And More!